“VERIF” Co Ltd. offers high-quality Armenian pita bread from the manufacturer using traditional and exclusive technologies.
Our enterprise produces Armenian pita bread on the modern high-tech equipment: rotary kilns (Germany), dough mixers, dough dividers, flour sifters from the best Russian and domestic manufacturers.

Not all manufacturers of bakery products can boast of equipment that our enterprise is equipped with. This is non-standard production equipment that allows the production of traditional types of Armenian pita bread — these are tandir (in Uzbek) and Armenian stoves, which are mounted by highly qualified specialists directly under our production powers.

The quality of Armenian lavash is largely dependent on the composition. While cooking, no spices, eggs, yeast or dairy products are ever added to the composition of pita bread. This is the charm and benefit of Armenian lavash.

It consists of carbohydrates, rich sources of energy.
The technological process of making Armenian pita bread is 90% manual, in compliance with sanitary norms and rules for the baking industry. But the main rule in making pita bread is a friendly psychological climate and a positively tuned team.

The dough for baking pita bread is made from wheat flour. The flour is sieved through a fine sieve, after which it is kneaded with water and salt, add acidic leaven. Fermentation of the dough usually lasts 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 30-32 °. The finished dough is cut into pieces weighing about 0.5 kg, give the pieces a rounded shape and leave to proof for 15-30 minutes. After proofing, the dough is rolled out with a wooden rolling pin. A piece of dough rolled out into a cake is passed into the hands of the baker. The baker completes the molding of the pita bread with several hand-to-hand transfers, as a result of which the pita bread becomes thinner, acquiring an extended pancake shape, which is pulled onto an oval soft pillow 70-80 cm long, 35-40 cm wide. The molded cake is applied with a light blow to heated surface of the toner wall in the oven. Lavash baking time is usually 2-3 minutes. The upper edge of the finished pita is separated from the wall of the oven with a special iron strip and manually removed from the wall.