Recipes of delicious and original snacks are always appreciated. They often help out hostesses in an unforeseen situations, such as an unexpected arrival of guests, and also help save time in the kitchen. Lavash snacks are to many tastes, at almost every intersection you can buy shaurma with meat in pita bread and something like that. However, there is no tastier food prepared with your own hands!

1. Puff meat pie from pita bread.

2. Lavash cigars

3. Lavash roll with cottage cheese

4. Lavash rolls with salmon and ham

5. Omelette in lavash

6. Lavash roll “Golden fish”

7. Lavash rolls with red fish

8. Lavash roll with cod liver and spinach

9. Lavash roll with mushrooms and egg

10. Lavash rolls with ham

11. Lavash roll with chicken

12. Lavash roll with crab sticks

13. Rolls with crab filling