Lavash cigars

Lavash “cigars” is a simple and light dish, stuffed with eggs, cheese and green-stuff. This appetizer is perfect for a glass of beer or kvass!

Ingredients for the recipe:

Pita — 1 pc.

Cheese — about 70 gr.

Green-stuff (dill or cilantro) — to taste

Egg — 1 pc.

Garlic — 1 tooth.

Cooking “Cigars” from pita bread

On the work surface, place the ingredients that are needed to prepare the recipe. It is better to take a thin pita bread so that it is easier to chew cigars, and you can feel the filling. The cheese will need hard, preferably fatter, so it will be tastier. Also prepare fresh green-stuff, an egg and a tooth of garlic.

Lay out the sheets of pita bread on the table, flatten them with your hands. Cut the pita bread into triangles of the same size, so that it is convenient to wrap the filling and then form “cigars”. Stack the triangles and set aside for a while.

On a large iron grater, grate 70g of cheese, then chop the green-stuff (dill or cilantro), squeeze the garlic. Collect all the ingredients in a large bowl and beat the chicken yolk on top. Mix the contents of the bowl thoroughly — the filling for the “cigars” from pita bread is ready.

Take the triangle from pita bread, straighten it and put 1-2 teaspoons of the filling at the base. Do not be afraid to shift the filling, as it, in fact, is laid on the eye. The taste of this will not change.

Fold the triangle with the filling into the tube. When folding, try not to press the pita bread so that the filling does not come out at the edges.

Put the “cigars” rolled into a tube and dip in the remaining protein from 1 egg. It will help to glue the edges of pita bread and prevent the filling from falling out, and also preserve the shape of the “cigar”.

Preheat the pan and fry the stuffed tubes in vegetable oil. Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side until a golden brown crust appears.

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